Unleash Your Energy

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FREE Webinar on January 17th, 5pm Central Time

What IF you could learn to:

  • Fuel your energy?

  • Get restful sleep?

  • Manage stress?

What would it mean to wake up in the morning:

  • Feeling Refreshed!

  • Ready to Manage Stress!

  • And, Ready to Seize the Day!

Michele C. Foster understands the importance of managing personal energy.

As a college graduate working in corporate world, Michele had THE job, THE benefits and THE prestige that all people picture when they set out to get their degree. However, every year she felt herself getting sicker and sicker. For this reason Michele started on a journey to get back her life, and gain energy, endurance and empowerment.

By establishing simple common sense habits and rituals, Michele learned how to to influence and nurture her own personal energy.

In recent years, Michele has coached hundreds of people to improve the quality of their energy by focusing on the 3 factors that affect Abundant Energy – healthy diet, restful sleep, and managing stress.

On June 1st, Michele will share the habits and rituals that have transformed her life, from declining health to a joyous lifestyle full of courage, hope, and love – every day of the year.

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